WordPress.com or .org What Is The Difference?

WordPress.com or.org What Is The Difference?

There is a fair amount of confusion about what the difference is between these two similar sounding blogging platforms, with many explanations leaving you none the wiser. In this article I clearly answer the question WordPress.com or org What Is The Difference

There are two main differences among many, between the.com and the.org version of the WordPress Platform. The first is price and the second is control.

wordpress dot com or dot org

One of the appeals of WordPress.com is that it is free. (But as with all things “free” you end up “paying” one way or another as I explain further in this article). WordPress.com is a company with employees that provides, a free blogging platform using WordPress, an open-source software developed by Matt Mullenweg. The company handles all of the updates, backups, and security issues for its users.You don’t have to stress about anything because the blog is hosted securely by WordPress on their servers and so updates are made automatically whenever there are any new releases.

WordPress.com maintains a list of types of blogs they do allow and don’t allow. One of the things they don’t allow in their Terms Of Service “not allowed” is using your blog to promote a Network Marketing Business – to quote:.
“Affiliate marketing blogs: Blogs with the primary purpose of driving traffic to affiliate programs and “get-rich-quick” schemes.”.

This contrasts with the “How-to, tips and reviews” type blogs mentioned in their ‘allowed’ list. It’s regrettable that WordPress includes Network Marketing under “Affiliate marketing” since they are completely different types of business. It’s also a unfortunate  that WordPress generalises massively and implies that Network Marketing sites are “get-rich-quick schemes” Like any business, you only succeed with hard work, leadership and dedication.

WordPress.org on the other hand is an organisation, a community, the software is open-source meaning it is not owned by any individual and is free for anyone to use or modify. WordPress.org is where you can download the WordPress installation files, and thousands of different plug0ins and themes.

It is self-hosted, meaning you have have complete control over your content. You have total freedom to install plug-ins, themes, change the scripts, and whatever else you like. It is a terrific resource for business site owners. With support forums and tons of “how to” information, site owners can modify their designs and functionality to the limits of their creativity.

Having this level of freedom means that nothing is done for you. You are responsible for your own back-ups – strongly recommended – your security updates and keeping your plug-ins updated

There is a perception that self-hosted WordPress (.org) is for people who want to have a business costs of free wordpress website, or for “serious” bloggers.  That’s not quite the case — you can have a perfectly professional business blog or bloggers website on WordPress.com, but the main reason to self host is that on .com you are not in control of your data – WordPress.com is, and due to the vagaries of their business TOC’s they have the power to shut you down at a moments notice, similar to other social media sites. For example under the allowed list of blogs is “How-to, tips and reviews:”  There is a very fine line between promoting a product through a review and falling into their “Not allowed” category

I mentioned earlier that “with all things “free” you end up “paying” one way or another, by this I mean, a service provided for free has to fund itself. With WordPress.com it does so through advertising, over which you have no control. If you wish your readers attention to be focussed solely on your content, you can have the advertising removed – at a cost of $30 a year. If a domain name to mask over your www.examplenametraveltips.wordpress.com you can have that too at $20, as well as plenty of other extras on top of your “free” blog.

If you want a blog hosted on your own domain which you have complete control over but which is already set up and optimised for use. You need to follow this link and get started here.

There is even a money-back guarantee if you’re not 100% happy. Click below.

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If you got some value from this article ‘WordPress.com or .org What Is The Difference?’ – let me know in the comments below.

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2 comments on “WordPress.com or .org What Is The Difference?
  1. Sonia says:

    Great article Declan!

    I prefer the wordpress.org platform for sure! Having ownership and control is very important online these days. I love the flexibility of using a range of plugins and premium themes to personalize my sites – and as you mentioned, ‘Free’ can end up costing you in the end. With different hosting packages and competitively priced domains available, I would recommend wordpress.org over any other any day!

    • Declan Ryan says:

      Thanks Sonia, I agree completely, and as a leader in my primary said just this afternoon, the most important thing is having access and ownership of your own content

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