When Is The Best Time To Post To Social Media?

Overseeing social media for your business venture can be a challenging task. Which pictures should you share on Facebook? What market news should you tweet about on Linked-In or Twitter? – hashtag what ?? What topic should you blog about on Pinterest or Tumblr?

fb, twitter, linked-inAside from identifying what to publish on which social network, One of the big questions people battle with is “When is the best time to post”?  Naturally publishing your material at peak times can help you reach the most people on those networks.

Turns out there is no ‘cover-all’ answer. The best time depends which platform you’re posting to, according to popular URL shortening service bitly. It keeps track of metrics on bitly links that are distributed across networks. Specifically, bitly has studied how the day and time something is posted influences how “viral” it might eventually become.But every social network has its own “culture,” bitly says, and users show distinct behavior patterns. Here’s a summary of bitly’s discoveries on the best times to post to Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and Tumblr:  (bearing in mind local time-zone differences, all times quoted are Eastern Standard Time.)

Facebook: For the best response, bitly suggests posting to Facebook between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. EST. Wednesday at 3 p.m. EST is the peak time of the week to post. Traffic from Facebook fades after 4 p.m. Weekend posts often get less attention than weekdays.

Twitter: Your best chance of getting high click throughs and re-tweets on Twitter is with tweets sent in the afternoon earlier in the week– namely 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. EST, Monday to Thursday. Bitly advises people avoid posting after 8 p.m. or after 3 p.m. on Fridays. Similar to Facebook, weekend tweets are less successful than those posted during the week.

Linked-In: Because LinkedIn is specifically used for businesses and business professionals, it is often used right before the workday begins and right after it ends, so Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 7am and 9am are the optimal times,

Tumblr: As might be expected this social network has a “drastically different pattern of usage” according to bit-ly, compared to the previous three. Tumblr traffic, According to metrics from bitly links, peaks between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. EST on Monday and Tuesday, with similar traffic on Sunday. Friday evening– a time that’s generally ineffective for other networks– can be an optimal time to post on Tumblr. On average, content posted after 7 p.m. receives more clicks over 24 hours than mid-day posts during the week.

Armed with this information as a base-line, it’s down to you to fing what suits your message and your target audience best.

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One comment on “When Is The Best Time To Post To Social Media?
  1. Sonia Harris says:

    Thank you for the information. It is so important to know people’s habits otherwise it can be a bit hit and miss. I will definitely bookmark this page as a reminder.

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