What Is The QQS Formula?

So what does Q.Q.S. stand for and who pioneered it? The QQS Formula was pioneered by author Napoleon Hill, and explained in his book “Think and Grow Rich”. It is one of many great formulas for success passed down to him from Andrew Carnegie, the great philanthropic steel magnate, who commisioned Hill to research and write the book.

QQS stands for

Quality of service – The performance of every detail done as efficiently as possible, always striving for greater efficiency at all times.

Quantity of service – The habit of rendering all service with even more service as greater skill is developed through practice and experience.

Spirit of service – The attitude with which service is provided and the habit of always providing service in a “harmonious agreeable manner” that induces cooperation from clients, associates and fellow employees.

The Quality and Quantity of service renderred are referenced in the Hill’s “Major Definite Purpose” declaration, which he recommeds to be recited daily.

Living up to a good Spirit of Service demands striving for harmony and kindness in all relationships, from the simplest sale to the most challenging competitor.It isn’t good enough to behave in a “harmonious agreeable manner” only to selected chosen individuals. It means building a solid reputation as an individual, employee or company whose model of service is one of integrity, reliability, and dependability, one that strives to “go the extra mile”

Napoleon Hill summed up it up in his classic book Think and Grow Rich

The day of the go-getter has passed, he has been supplanted by the go-giver

If you got some value out of discovering the simplicity of this amazing formula, please let me know in the comments below, and if you’d like to be part of a business that works for you and follows the principles laid down by Dr Hill, Click below and take a no-risk 7 day trial.

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4 comments on “What Is The QQS Formula?
  1. Poh says:

    Great post Declan :) I am a major Napolean Hill fan and the QQS formula is something more people should know about and apply…especially being in business! Thanks for the value

  2. Sheena says:

    thanks for sharing the QQS formula

  3. DrSteve says:

    Great post, Declan. That was one of my favorite books. I think I’ve read it 10 times lol

  4. David Weber says:

    Golden nuggets here! I LOVE think and grow rich and really appreciate your post! Thanks Declan. :)

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