Waiting For Just The Right Time Or That Perfect Opportunity?

How many times have you said to yourself “As soon as I’ve made a bit more money, I can start to follow my ambition to – insert subject here, sing, run a marathon, start my own business” or  “it’s just not the right time” or “When x happens and y is the third day after this other thing, then I’ll do it”? You know that those sets of events are probably never going to happen.

Fight The Fear – Take Action

It’s a form of procrastination, but also it’s a form of fear, we are afraid to start because we are afraid to fail. But as any savvy entrepreneur knows some of the greatest breakthroughs come out of failure, many have even depended on it, after all they are the entire basis of experimentation.

So we have to be willing, and, able, to think differently. Instead of trying to develop elaborate plans or perfect ideas, we need to make small, affordable bets in order to learn quickly, build momentum and networks, and expand our abilities and resources to go onto discover unique ideas and opportunities. Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.


It’s Important To Start – You Don’t Need The Perfect Plan Yet

As Napoleon Hill said a long time ago when studying the traits of America’s most successful men, if you are looking for the “perfect plan” before taking action, you will never start. If you are waiting for all the building blocks to be in place, the wind to be blowing in the right direction, and the sun to be shining in just the right spot – it will never happen. Start now, today, not tomorrow and take massive postive action.

Consider how Twitter came about. It didn’t happen overnight. Jack Dorsey had been, in his words, “obsessed” by how people moved, interacted, and communicated since the early 1990s. So, he learned basic computer programming, created maps with dots on them, and used information from Manhattan dispatch systems to track the movement of bike messengers, taxis, police, firefighters, and couriers. He didn’t have his complete masterplan all written out from beginning to end, but at least it was a start.

Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

As it turns out this venture failed, a combination of not knowing much about startups and coming up on the tail-end of the dotcom boom, he acknowledged the company was a failure.
But he also learned something of the value to be taken from failure.

Walt Disney failed first time too, badly! Soichiro Honda failed many times, but he kept taking things from his failures and putting the knowledge to good use when he started again, becoming a real testament to the power of persistence, dedication and absolute belief in ultimate success – many marketers have failed but if you stay down it is your choice.
In the Longevity 7 team we have our own mastermind group and profit form each others specialist knowledge in the same way Hill said a masterminding group should.

What Makes Us Any Different ?

How are we unique? – We are not in competition with each other, and so the energy saved from that futile exercise is diverted toward helping everyone in the group. This is a concept which is non-existent or at best exremely rare in Network marketing.

“Team-Work, Makes The Dream Work”

You’ve heard the tired old saying – “Team-Work, Makes The Dream Work” – well it’s only become tired through overuse of people and companies that didn’t practice it’s truths.

A team truly working together with the same goals in mind, really do make ANY dream work.
In the same way that you don’t find a company trying to do everything, but you find departments that concentrate on specific areas, like Management, Production, Design, Accounting, Marketing etc.

Where this doesn’t work, is where a supposed supportive teamwork structure instead of profiting from each others strengths, competes within itself so that only the strongest survive and profit off the weakest, as is the case with countless internet “bizz-opps” out there, which is one the reasons for such a high failure rate in internet marketing businesses particularly work at home and MLM businesses.

However, if you have a team which truly shares it’s knowledge and experience on latest strategies and what’s working now, equally across all members of the team, particularly those that may be brand new to marketing, then you have a team which is not only sustainable but also consistently growing, to the benefit of all.

This is truly is a revolution in internet marketing. – It shouldn’t be, but it is

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