Traffic Generation Through Blog Commenting

Have you left a useful blog comment today? How about this week?  this month? Have you ever commented on a blog before? If not… Why not?  You may feel a little more like it once you recognize how effective commenting on other peoples blogs is to building traffic. Here are 5 simple steps, including the obvious, to generating traffic through commenting and getting it rolling towards your blog.

Generate traffic with blog commenting1) Enter First and Last Name
This is your first impression to the blog owner and anyone else that reads your comment. If your name is misspelled or not properly capitalized or USES KEYWORDS then there is a very good possibility your comment is going to sent to Trash or SPAM and certainly won’t be taken seriously.

2) Enter Email Address
Do be sure to enter your an email address you actually check, as opposed to one you hardly ever use, because the blog author may want to contact you as follow-up to your comment – Pretty straight-forward really but may bloggers don’t do this.

3) Enter Web Site or Blog Link
IMPORTANT – This is your opportunity to put a link back to your website or blog. This is the first page that any prospective visitors are going to see. Many people do not take advantage of this with the thinking “I only want to comment, I don’t want to give away lots of details” but that’s where you lose out on free exposure for your blog. This doesn’t need to be your homepage. you could use your About page e.g. This is so that anyone who appreciated my blog comment can find out more about me and who I am right away, rather than have to navigate there from the main blog address.

4) Show You’re Human – avoid the spam-trappers
Most blogs will have some sort of SPAM protection and you may need to enter a captcha or some other device to check off that you are not in fact an automated program spreading spam comments automatically. There are many different varieties of these from Akismet plugin to Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin.

Add Blog Comment
In the box is where you leave your comment, make sure it’s not thougthless Do NOT just write “Great Post” or “Good Stuff” and leave it at that. Your comment will either end up in the trash of any serious blogger or will be disposed of automatically by the Commment spam filters

Another reason not to just add comments like “great post” is because they’re worthless. They show you have put no though into your comment and don’t add any value to anyone’s blog. As a blog commentor you have the same responsibility to add value with your comment as the writer does of providing value through their blog post.

If you want to be traffic-building your comment has to be about value building. Blog comments afford you the chance to quickly and effortlessly spread your expertise and come to the attention of other readers in your field

Guest posting is also a great weay to generate interest and traffic, but while you may not have time to Guest Post on a regular basis, commenting on blogs has a similar effect and takes a fraction of the time to post, funtioning in the same kind of social way as commenting on Facebook posts or other social media platforms.

Here are four of many ways to add value through a blog comment:

Consistently contribute – Just like with many strategies, consistency is key!
Ask blog author questions – Interact with the author, for greater exposure among other blog readers
Put thought into what you’re saying – No “Great Stuff” comments
Reply to other commenters directly – interact with other commenters as well as author


If you got value from this post, ‘Traffic Generation Through Blog Commenting’ I’d love to hear what you think. Let me know in the comments.


Declan Ryan
Prosperity Coach
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P.S. You might want to check out this short video for business building: Click here


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4 comments on “Traffic Generation Through Blog Commenting
  1. Sonia Harris says:

    Thanks for this post. This is something I have been meaning to do for a while. Just today I identified a few of my favourite blogs – yours is one of them – and started to leave a comment. I have created a spreadsheet so that I can keep a track of the blogs I have left a comment on and what I said. This is a strategy I’m using so that I do what you mention – and be consistent.

  2. Declan Ryan says:

    Thanks for your comment Sonia, glad to be among your favourites, I will be sure to keep a track of your blog posts.

  3. Tricia Guy says:

    Hi Declan,
    Your title intrigued me so I decided to have a look. I appreciate your direction and help. Not being a social media wiz, it’s a challenge to know what to do to get traffic (without being sales-y) without some step-by-step direction. Even with that, it’s another challenge to get a spine and just do it. Like learning a new language, there’s a bit of insecurity of writing something that will get “flamed” so there’s hesitation. Thanks again for your instruction… it’s very much appreciated.

    • Declan Ryan says:

      You’re very welcome Tricia, I’m glad the post was of some help. Moneteising a blog can be easier than people think

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