The Top Three “Other” Social Media Platforms You Should Be Using

Aside from the main players Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In, there many other social media platforms, but which ones are worth your time and energy to incorporate as part of your overall social media marketing strategy?


Instagram The concept is simple, as an image based sharing platform and from a marketing perspective it provides a high level of interaction between companies and consumers. It’s also the perfect tool for constructing relationships with your target market.
With  200 million active users and an average of 60 million photos shared every day, Iinstagram is already more popular than Twitter as a method for individuals and companies to share images with their audience, and while it doesn’t have the same user volume as these giants right now, this is certainly going to change in the future.
What’s great about this is, having been created originally for the iphone and android smart phone user, it enables targeting of one of the fastest growing sectors in the online marketing space, the mobile marketplace.
According to Free World Media, Instagram is growing quicker than both Facebook and twitter originally did, eMarketer  estimates that 30.8 million Americans used Twitter on their smartphones in 2013. This year, that number will rise to 37.3 million. Instagram, meanwhile, had 34.6 million users last year and will reach 40.5 million in 2014.


Pinterest Pinterest is billed as a content-sharing service that allows members to pin or post photos, videos, and other images to their boards. With social media marketing being one of the three pillars of a successful SEO campaign, Pinterest is a big player in the social media realm and only set to become bigger. A huge part of Pinterest’s success is because of its simplicity and aesthetic appeal. Rather than depending on an abundance of text, it focuses on a clean, light colored background with pins that include images and videos.

Unlike other significant social networks sites like Twitter and facebook with a great deal of verbal interaction, users are restricted to “repins,” “likes” and brief remarks. Subsequently, Pinterest generally focuses on the exchange of concepts through visual material.

Pinterest’s format allows viral content to spread quickly, since its share feature “re-pinning” encourages fast travel from user to user, as a result it has become most popular on the retail side for those that specifically have product shots to display which can link straight to their website. You should really start including “pin-it” buttons along with your others social “Share” icons


tumblr For marketers with strong visual content Tumblr is a largely untapped opportunity. Mistaken by many as the idle playground of bored teenagers Tumblr is often overlooked in many marketers landscape of social media channels, but with over 130 million blogs, Tumblr is a blogging powerhouse. Bought by Yahoo for $1.1 billion, recent reports suggest they are looking toward Tumblr being to Yahoo, what You Tube is to Google. “Yahoo executives have told video makers and owners that the company can offer them better economics than they’re getting on YouTube, either by improving the ad revenue or by offering guaranteed ad rates for their videos.”

While still very much under the radar at the moment it is notable that Apple created it’s own Tumblr specifically for the iphone 5c., Other notable companies making full use of Tumblr include Coca Cola, Sake Fifth Avenue, the NBA and PBS, who use it to spotlight their product range through a mixture of engagement and entertaining gifs.


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  1. Janice says:

    Hi Declan,

    You have some great information here and I thank you for sharing.I really haven’t thought about Instagram being a Traffic source..Always something to learn..:)

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