The Power Of The Challenge

If your goal is important enough and your vision is big enough, you will find it easier to side-step any obstacle preventing you from achieving it.

Art Williams was the speaker I describe in the video. He provided one of the most stirring speeches ever on Challenges, Goals and exactly what it takes to accomplish them. He reeled off all the excuses and ‘reasons’ people had given him for many years, and his basic message was “Just Do It”.

His speech was being offered to the National Religious Broadcasting Convention 1987 this was long prior to a certain sportswear manufacturer asserted it as their trademark!

I had great reason for not shooting a video straightaway, – my lips were very sore and red from being sunburned and blistered from the three day cycle that I ‘d been on in France. This challenge was 213 miles in three days – 72 miles on day 1, 61 miles day 2 and 80 miles on the last day, with hills from 200ft to 1,115 ft

But instead I took the opportunity of using it as an example of getting round a genuine reason not to do something, and as the topic of the video is everything about conquering challenges it appeared a good example of putting actions behind words.

You can check out all you like about conquering challenges, and the best ways to reach your goals, however if all your reading and listening and watching is not backed up by action, you won’t benefit anything by it. Read, learn, but above all take action.

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