The Advantages Of Outsourcing

We all have just 24 hours in the day so we have a finite amount of time to divide between leisure time, promoting our business and moving ourselves closer towards our goals.

While you may be very  “hands-on” with your business, and have the idea that everything has to be hand-done by you, furtively you may be some me that struggles to get everything done during the course of the day and constantly be wishing for extra hours. Here’s where the advantages of outsourcing can really come to your aid.

If you consider the amount of time that you spend on certain tasks during the day, if they are very time-consuming why not consider outsourcing them?

You may find that the advantages of outsourcing some of your key tasks during the day far outweighs the cost of getting them done. There are a great many websites catering specifically to the outsourcing of all kinds of tasks ranging from website design, article writing, social media management and host of other tasks, some of them daily or ongoing tasks and others just one off tasks.

What is your “Worth Per Hour”?
The true value of the advantages of outsourcing can only really be measured in terms of how much value it brings to you, for example how much time is saved by you not personally having to take care of certain tasks.
In order to explore this fully you need to know what is your worth per hour. but how do you quantify this?

Suppposing your business is selling gardening equipment, and you have several blogs on gardening all of which need to be updated daily, weekly or whatever the time period that you have set yourself. You may be up to do all these blogs and that’s fine but just because you can do them doesn’t mean that it makes economical sense for you to do them when you could find a writer that could do with the blogs for you and possibly even, who knows, do them better.

You have to decide if there is another area of your business which you could be directing your efforts towards in a more profitable way thereby bringing more income into the business and expanding business. Your decision will be based on how much income is being generated through you doing about yourself and how much extra income could be generated by you paying a writer to do them and thereby you having the time free to concentrate on other areas of your business.

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