Blog Archives or .org What Is The Difference? What Is The Difference? There is a fair amount of confusion about what the difference is between these two similar sounding blogging platforms, with many explanations leaving you none the wiser. In this article I clearly answer the

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Richard Branson’s Three Tips For The Best Use Of Social Media

Beyond doubt, Social media has transformed people’s day-to-day lives and the way businesses operate.A blog post or even a tweet can kick-start a discussion and make an impact in real time in peoples lives. Richard Branson, an entrepreneur since the

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Attitude Creates Winners…and creates losers!

  Once you grasp the truth of the statement  “Our attitude towards Life – determines Life’s Attitude towards Us” you will understand the answer as to why a section of people do so well in life, while others barely get

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Three Really Useful And Free Tools For Your Business

Here are a couple of really useful tools for your business which are completely free and which you should be using. It’s easy to discount something as having little value, just because it’s free, but even the top earners are

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Empower Network Review and Products

It can be very difficult to find out what substance there is behind a business opportunity, or products offered by that business without having to sign up first – So here is an open look at the four Empower Network

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