So What Is Empower Network?

What Is Empower Network?

Empower network is a very aptly named online affiliate business that truly empowers it’s members to make money without experiencing the common pitfalls, problems and challenges, that most people go through when attempting to start a business from home online.

Empower Network’s affiliate program broke the mold of marketing models by paying 100% commissions on product sales thus enabling members to leverage their business and create a massive lifestyle change.

How Much Money Can I Make?

I’m always a bit skeptical when it comes to new businesses that claim to offer so much up front. But then a number of things caught my attention, when I was looking into Empower Network, such as

1. The fact that you can take a slow approach or a fast approach to building your business – either of them will work.

2. This is the only business model I know that you can use to promote ANY other business! Yes – you heard it correctly – If you are involved in a business at the moment, then you can use the power of the Empower Network blogging system to promote your own buisness.

As for how much money you can make?  This is completely down to the time, effort and dedication you give to your business and what you do with the information provided. You may do nothing with it, in which case, logically, you will earn nothing. The amount of money you do make is completely up to you. Without knowing who you are, it is like asking “how long is a piece of string”.

Mindset and attitude are the two biggest keys to your success, and the most important contributing factors that influence and impact your ability to achieve your goals on the internet.

How Fast Can I Start Earning Commissions?

Along with your first sale comes your first commissions, but similar to the previous question it depends how much energy, time, effort and resources you put into your business. What can be said is that Empower Network’s complete product-system and hugely converting marketing funnel, means it is the closest thing to a business-in-a-box that is suitable for anyone looking to make money online, large or small.

Many marketers are attracted to the 100% business model and compensation plan, and in fact many other businesses have launched copy-cat style, opportunities supposedly paying 100%  because it allows for anyone, anywhere in the world to start earning money almost immediately.

Once again, being fully legal compliant isn’t enough for the two Daves, they publish an  income disclosure statement at the bottom of each page of the website, and repeat it through webinar after talk after meeting.

High Authority Viral Blogging Platform

To see why it is considered a viral blogging platform, check out this Empower Network blog more closely. Notice the ad in the header, the sidebar ad, and the banner ad on the bottom of the page. It utilizes the Facebook comments system (which is viral in nature) and it has social sharing button everywhere. So if anyone clicks through any of the ads on the page, they get sent through the sales funnel and your affiliate id is cookie’d.


Well that’s all well and good, ecause if anyone signs up via your link, you get 100% commissions, sent instantly and directly to your bank account. So if someone you refer purchases a basic membership you will get $25 a month recurring commissions, and the same with Inner Circle” sign-ups”

So now you have sufficient information to be able to make a decision that could change your financial future!

Are you going to take action on it…

or continue as you have done up till now – $25 to join the lift to the sky!

empower network Only $25 to get started

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