Positive Framing Is Good For Your Health

Bearing in mind that what you focus on most becomes your reality, what kind of a result do you expect when you repeat things to yourself that you don’t want to happen? When you say things like “I hope this isn’t going to be a bad day” or “I hope this prospect doesn’t ask me a load of challenging questions”. Beyond doubt the business environment can be challenging at times, but it becomes infinitely easier both on yourself by expressing yourself using positive language.

Positive Words
How do you do this? For example instead of “This is really hard” rephrase it without altering the truth, but expressing the challenge in a positive frame with a positive outlook “this may not be easy right now but it will get easier with repetition”

This is not just mumbo jumbo positive saying it like it isn’t – positive words sends a direct command to your sub-conscious that has no option but to carry out the orders received. Framing things positively instead of negatively create a very different internal state that is much more empowering and resourceful… and with that comes more success.
You WILL get better – it’s a certainty!

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