The iPAS2 System

If you’ve arrived at this page you’ve probably been wanting to get to the bottom of what exactly iPAS2 is, how it functions and most importantly what it can do for you. In this iPAS2 Review, I promise you will find a no-holds barred detailed explanation of this efficient business and why Professionals of all ages and backgrounds, from Engineers to Doctors, from Pastors to CEOs, Offline Business Owners, and Baby Boomers  are finding success with internet marketing …many of them for the first time.

So what is it that has brought such an enthusiastic response from such a habitually reserved group of Professionals?

Well … for the very first time, there is actually a SYSTEM developed from the ground up, by Professionals – with Professionals in mind, as well as other serious business minded people, who want a calculateable, automated way to benefit from the world of internet marketing.

I have been marketing online for the last 4 years and have restricted myself to promoting only the most reliable of products which have a solid track record – I do not promote new or hyped-up launches of systems or products until they have proven themselves. It is  all too easy to say all kinds of wonderful things about a new launch or product and what it WILL do in the future, but I prefer to wait until results can be seen and are proven.

iPAS2 – perfectly meets the strict criteria I demand for anything I promote.. It stands for  Internet Prospect Acceleration System Version 2 – this is an overhaul of the phenomenally successful version One launched last year, responsible for countless success stories in the last twelve months –  iPAS2 is the top-tier educational systems on how to go about building a, sustainable, profitable, legitimate, online business built for the long-term.

If you are like myself, you like to your due diligence when looking into any business, so this review of iPAS2 is a bit lengthy, but then so it should be. I’ve laid out all the details, left no stone unturned and included all aspects of the system so that you can make an informed decision based on facts not sound-bites. This information is essential if you are looking for a long term, legitimate way to build a rock-solid business  online.



The primary attraction of the iPAS2 system particularly for Professionals is that it takes automation to new heights. You must do the work in the beginning but that establishes a circle of self fulfilling events which will establish and grow your income on a residual framework.

1. The iPAS2 system starts with several high quality, low cost $7 offers to attract the right kind of business seekers into your business in the right way. These are sometimes referred to as “tripwires” (products which trigger interest). This works really well on even the coldest of cold traffic and converts well above the industry average. This gets you those small wins straight away which you can then build on – with a unique twist which ensures that 100% of your traffic sees your offer and that your offer converts quickly into buyers. For every person who takes up this offer, you earn 50 to 70% commission. Small wins it’s true, but…
… this is just the beginning ….

2. Those who respond to your high converting Tripwire offers are then presented with your Core Offer – ie: The iPAS2 system at $47. Your prospect has now found your $7 offer to be of very high quality and is 50% more open to looking at other products you have to offer. This Core Offer is truly the biggest no-brainer ever!

Five excellent videos explain iPAS2 in detail – so you don’t have to – and educate your customer on what internet marketing is all about –>  How to build a business and create a legitimate, sustainable income online.

making money online with ipas2


They offer the solution to the problem that most of us have had when starting out online: Either we don’t know what products or services to sell,  or we don’t know enough about marketing, promotion, conversion which lead to the sales process which is the bit that we’re really interested in.…the bit between learning “how to” and actually   MAKING MONEY!!

I think as far as most of us are concerned – the “learning” can come later. Wouldn’t you agree?


You / your prospect goes through an educational series of brief but powerful videos on why and how the iPAS system works, what is so special about it and what makes it a unique business proposition. This informs, primes and prepares your prospects for what is about to come so that they can make an informed decision, just as you did.

This serves the huge purpose of giving you a serious, business minded prospect who is going to make a good business partner, and discourages those looking for a push-button biz-op.

3. The secondary core product, the Six Figure Shortcuts product is a $97 Internet Success Training product – giving you an easier, faster way to educate your prospect on what is possible with a powerful system and the correct knowledge on know how to use it.

No one has ever experienced anything like this – yes, there are many internet “opportunities” out there – the usual “self-serving” stuff  designed to make the creators very wealthy while keeping back the most critical information… That’s one of the main reasons iPAS2 was created, to give people the missing peices, the gurus leave out of their products. iPAS2  is different –

•    it works differently –

•    it functions differently –

•    it’s designed differently –

•    the interactive nature  is different –

•    it’s transparent, nothing hidden –

•    it’s intuitive –

•    and…it’s easy to plug in and get started.

I could go on and on and on, but I think you see by now – It’s Different!!

iPAS2 successfully creates the small wins that I talked about earlier, to get people into profit as soon as possible so that its members can afford to pay their monthly business expenses such as subscriptions – and to afford to pay off some bills while they are building a business – because there is nothing more discouraging than trying to build a business and seeing no results or just not seeing something work, because then you doubt yourself, you doubt the system and you doubt the industry and yet, it is a great industry – You just need to right instructions!

Chris Jones – founder and creator of iPAS, had this to say –

“iPAS2 is the front end which we built around a company called Empower Network – the reason we did that is because Empower Network has done such a great job of creating products and an infrastructure. I am convinced Empower Network is going to be a multi-billion dollar company – and with it being committed to creating 100 millionaires a year, it made perfect sense for iPAS to align itself with it.”

Empower Network is well on it’s way to doing this having created 13 millionaires in it’s first two years. While keeping a very close eye on FTC and SEC compliance.

“Empower Network does a great job of selling it’s own products, but the iPAS2 Marketing System is going to make the entire process much easier in that it’s going to help people overcome the biggest hurdle of all – and that is getting sales – getting buyers.
We’ve studied a lot of platforms and iPAS has come through all the troubles and tribulations we’ve faced along the way. We wanted to make it fun again and that is exactly what we have done.”

Click on the button below and start your own journey to financial freedom and the lifestyle you desire.

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With iPAS2 being wrapped around Empower Network …. we cannot possibly leave this amazing company out of this iPAS2 Review – so let’s do it!

Empower Network is a fast growing technology, personal development and direct sales company which is focused on providing products and services that provide value and education that exceed anything found in the online industry.

Empower Network
Empower Network’s products provide constantly updated educational and personal development tools for entrepreneurs in all types of businesses. The goal of Empower Network is to provide small-business owners, entrepreneurs and opportunity seekers the ability to leverage the Internet by providing state-of-the-art technology without dealing with the technical and overhead challenges that generally frustrates and discourages entrepreneurs and small-business owners.

Using this breakthrough formula, Empower Network has delivered –

•    $105,897,612.20 in sales since March 2012

•    13 million dollar earners

•    23 people who have earned over $500,000

•    43 people who have earned over $250,000

•    143 people who have earned over $100,000

•    Paid a commission to more then 30,000 people

•    Hosted events with more than 5200 attendees from all over the world

Empower Network Mission

Empower Network wants to be the go-to source to help inspire, uplift and empower people to fulfill their goals, both personal and financial. Empower Network is dedicated to empowering as many people as possible through the network, products, support, opportunities and the honest and authentic message of hope and freedom. Founded on the idea that individuals can build businesses and have personal lives at the same time.

Empower Network believes that individuals can use the struggles, hardships and experiences they’ve had in life and turn them into their most empowering assets. At Empower Network we don’t believe that the past dictates your future. We want to provide our customers and affiliates the potential to go from disenfranchisement to full self-empowerment.

Empower Network was built with two goals in mind:
1. To provide you with the potential to make more money in your existing business by giving you tools, educational products, coaching and systems that work to help you achieve a more empowered life; and…

2. To provide you with a way to earn leveraged income through our Affiliate program, which provides marketing systems, tools and products to help those in the Direct Sales, Network Marketing, and/or online marketing niche. To do this, we have created a system that distributes earnings on a 70 – 100% commission basis on the total purchase price of the product sold.

It is important to understand that all commissions are based on sale of state-of-the-art products and services and not on recruitment. To be clear, you do not earn commissions from recruiting other affiliates into your business. However, you do earn commissions on their products sales. The more products you and members of your downline sell, the more you have the potential to earn. This is where the automation of the iPAS2 Marketing System REALLY makes a difference.

Of course, becoming an affiliate is optional and not a requirement. You may purchase the Empower Network products purely to learn from and benefit yourself, in which case you do not need to be an affiliate – however, if you want to re-sell them and earn commission 85 to 100% commissions – then yes – you do need to be an affiliate.

Empower Network Core Products

The Empower Network core products truly offer revolutionary information, resources and education to
 provide customers and affiliates with a better life. We provide marketing tools, systems and ongoing 
educational services. For those who choose to become an affiliate, Empower Network offer a generous commission structure 
that pays between 85 – 100% commissions on qualifying products.

I’ve listed the Empower Network Core Products below – you will learn more about them in the iPAS2 5 Part Core Video Series –

•    Fast Start Kit
•    Costa Rica Intensive
•    15K Formula
•    The Masters Course

I am very proud to belong to Empower Network. It has always operated with one sole intention…helping you reach your dreams of success online as fast as possible.

As a company, Empower Network has broken records, rewritten many assumptions of the industry, and been behind an immense amount of success for their affiliates.

With Empower Network’s intention to create 100 Millionaires a year, it is little wonder that iPAS2 chose to wrap their marketing system around the secure, powerful infrastructure of Empower Network ….
Click on the button below and start your own journey to financial freedom and the lifestyle you deserve.

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If you’d like to learn more, let’s continue with our iPAS2 review …


As iPAS Version 2 has developed, I’ve been completely blown away by the features, the commitment of Chris and his behind-the-scenes team and the attention to detail which is taking this already proven system to staggering new heights … however, one of the aspects which contributed to the extreme results in the original iPAS, and has been even further enhanced in iPAS2, is the facility of the Business Coaches.

Available as an exclusive service to our Black Card Members, the iPAS2 Business Coaches are the icing on the cake – and here’s why …

People buy from people – It’s a simple, proven fact.

It doesn’t matter how great the system, your conversions will not be at their best if you are not willing to interact with people … BUT …  think of the four biggest obstacles facing anyone looking to get started online –

•    How do you answer questions from your prospects when you’re just learning the ropes yourself?

•    How do you help and support your new “customers” when you need help yourself?

•    Probably most challenging of all – when you’re brand new, how do you answer the question, “So has this worked for you? How much have you earned from this business?”

•    How do you make yourself available to your prospects 24 hours a day – 7 days a week?

This is where the iPAS2 Certified Business Coaches feature has made such an ENORMOUS impact, increasing our Members’ incomes many, many times over.

The iPAS2 Business Coaches are highly skilled and perfectly positioned to deal with each of the challenges above –

•    They are experts and know the business inside out, so they will coach you AND your potential customers

•    They are successful themselves, accustomed to being high end earners – so they have no hesitation in putting your potential customers’ minds at rest that the business DOES work

•    Based in America and The United Kingdom, the iPAS2 Business Coaches are highly successful and motivated professionals, with a heart to serve. We provide a service which is pretty much around the clock

However if you wish to do your own coaching, iPAS2 even provides the training, but Members who plug in to the Business Coaches feature have found that their business duplicates far better than they were ever able to do on their own.

You or your prospective member can connect with the Business Coaches while going through the 5 Core System Videos. You can chat with your Business Coach in real time via a chat feature in your back office and you can also book coaching calls via a user friendly calender system.

The iPAS2 Business Coaches also keep an eye on things and can see when you have someone browsing through your presentation. At this time, they can gently let the person know that they are available to help if necessary.

It is this “HIGH TOUCH” method combined with the existing “HIGH TECH” of iPAS which made it such a resounding success in Version 1 and is making Version 2 creating six figure incomes for active Members.

Click on the button below and start your own journey to financial freedom and the lifestyle you desire.

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Benefits of the System


No matter how beautiful the system – you’re here for the money, right?  That’s great, then we’re both on the same page! So let me explain how the iPAS2 system helps you generate sales and income –

iPAS2 Income

Once you activate your iPAS system, you can resell it and earn commissions of 50% or 70% on each sale, depending on what you qualify for.  All of this is explained in the 5 Part System Video Series, so I won’t go into any great depth here.  Suffice it to say these are the “small wins” which will help cover your business expenses so that you get into profit as soon as possible.

These are the products you earn commission on –

•    iPAS2 Tripwire which triggers a high end learning experience: $7

•    iPAS2 5 Part System Video Series which explaines exactly what is required and how to make a six figure income in as little as 90 days:  $47

•    iPAS2 6 Figure Success Strategies: $97

Remember – this is not going to explode your bank account!     These commissions are the “small wins” which help you cover business expenses and some of your advertising costs and get into positive cashflow as quickly as possible.

Your BIG Wins come with the iPAS System selling Empower Network products …. inside iPAS2, these are called Profit Maximizers – let’s talk about these …

Empower Network:

As explained, the iPAS2 Marketing System wraps itself around Empower Network products – I explained above exactly why Empower Network was chosen as the vehicle for this purpose – one of those reasons being it’s unheard of 85 to 100% commissions and it’s powerful “coded bonus” compensation plan.

Once again, ALL of the details will be provided and explained thoroughly in the iPAS2 5 Part System Video Series – but so that you can get the full impact of your earning potential, consider earning 85 – 100% commissions on the following products –

•    Empower Network Starter Kit:  $197  (This product produces commissions of $125 MONTHLY)

•    Empower Network Costa Rica Intensive:  $500

•    Empower Network 15K Formula:  $1000

•    Empower Network Masters: $3500

There is also a massive discount option available on the Empower Network products when you purchase them as a bundle – once again, this is thoroughly explained in the iPAS2 5 Part System Video Series.

With a large number of our members buying ALL the products, this is affiliate marketing at it’s best – you can see why mature professionals are reacting in such a positive way to the iPAS system.

Click on the button below and start your own journey to financial freedom and the lifestyle you desire.

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This is the piece that simplifies things, makes it fun, interactive and skyrockets duplication by creating the small income gains for you/your prospects which allow the system to kick in and create the bigger sustainable, wins.

With iPAS, it’s ALL about the User Experience …

You see, all to often, people join a system that is supposedly straightforward and “done-for-you” but end up being then left  overwhelmed, confused and dazed wondering what in the world they need to do next, or even worse, where to START!

Often, it’s a case of, “I’ve paid my money – got the system – now what?!

Or the flipside of that coin is that you have so much information and so many choices that you don’t know what to choose and you end up frozen in your tracks!

iPAS2 gives you a very clear strategy to follow with concise, step-by-step instructions which you can monitor on a daily basis. There is also a setup service if you if you are super-squeezed for time and there is live support too.

Of course, in my team, we take the whole thing a step further and provide a thriving, interactive community of people who you can connect with for your daily help, motivation and guidance.

Once you join iPAS2 and activate your account, you have simple strategies put in place – small targets which are easy to understand and implement and thus get the ball rolling on to the bigger wins –

•    Your first step is to earn enough to cover your monthly expenses so that you are not out of pocket on those.

•    Your second step leads to the creation of residual income of around $2000 per month, together with income from one off product sales.

•    Your third phase leads to the creation of $10,000 per month in residual income + income from one off product sales.
And, most importantly, in each case, you are given the exact strategies and training to do this – and the tools to monitor your progress as you achieve these milestones.


The first place you go to is the SetUp wizard where you are guided through setting up your account, autoresponder, email lists and whether or not you want coaching (remember, this is only available to Black Members) – if you’d rather have this done for you – that service is available too.

Once SetUp and Orientation is complete – the rest is super simple – you are taken to your dashboard where all the fun stuff happens!

Via your iPAS2 Dashboard, you can access –

•    Support

•    Training

•    Community

•    Marketing Center

•    Calendar

•    Update / Upgrade

•    Interactive: Submit your own testimonial / Video Story Contest

The next tab takes you to –



This is where you are able to monitor every piece of your business – absolutely crucial if you are the manage your business and grow it like the CEO of any business would want to do.  Here you can see at a glance –

•    Visits, Leads, Sales and Earnings monitored on a daily, weekly and monthly basis – for each product that you sell.

•    Income Goal Guage – this keeps you on track and allows you to see at a glance exactly where you are in terms of achieving your set income goal for the given period.

•    Campaign Sales – This allows you to see at a glance where your sales are converting – ie: youtube, facebook, etc.  It enables you see what’s working so you can do more of that.

•    A percentage report of which offers are converting best allows you to fine tune your marketing and ensure you’re making the most productive use of your money.


This first-of-its-kind Calculator gives you an extremely accurate representation of what you need to do to reach your goal – broken down to minute details of how many leads you need to be fuelling the system with per day, per month, etc., to reach your desired income

Calculations can be done from two points –

•    Plug in the income you want to create and it will calculate exactly how much advertising you need to fuel the system with in order to achieve that goal

•    Alternatively, enter your advertising budget and the system will calculate the income you can expect to generate.

•    You can also see how owning or not owning the different products will impact your earning potential.

For the first time, you can manage your business as any true business owner wants to do – with facts and figures at your fingertips allowing you to maximize your profits.

In addition to this, you get the following features as standard built into your iPAS2 system – truly a system built by professionals for professionals –


•    Performance Leaderboards where you can see how others are doing and make your own mark!

•    Contest Leaderboards:  Very large cash prizes and physical prizes, etc., are up for grabs every month.

•    Video Center:  This is where you’ll find various videos and google hangout recordings – great content from some of the most successful people in the business to help you build your business fast!


Dependent on the different levels you’re at, you will have access to top notch training.  Much of this training is available at the Fast Start Kit level.
•    This is where you choose the $7 Tripwire version you want to use in your marketing

•    Member Feed- shows you exactly how many members you are attracting per day and exactly which step they’re at in the system …

•    You can see your commissions almost in real time – they are updated hourly

•    This is where you can see your Downline in the system (ie:  members you brought into the system)

•    This is also where you can view your Campaign Stats


•    You can set up your own team resources

•    This is where you will find iPAS2 resources

•    The 20K Club has special recognition, incentives and information for members who qualify

•    The 100k Club does the same as the 20k Club – but now you’re in the Big Players Club!

•    You can customize your own backoffice to fully suit your requirements.


This is where you can view details of the the various products and activate them if necessary. Super Simple – super fast!


•    Set up your Personal Info

•    Customize your System Info

•    Your Sponsor Info is available so you can keep in touch with them

•    e-wallet setup – everything is in place – you simply have to register and activate.  You can withdraw up to $5000 per day starting out and increase that to $10,000 a day when necessary.


iPAS is a hugely interactive platform.  Here you will get –

•    Updates:  iPAS2 updates, System updates, Team updates, 20K club and 100k club updates

•    Messages: from iPAS management notifying you of developments, trainings, etc., etc.

•    Activity Feed: where you can see new members, product sales displayed member by member in a very easy to absorb and stay in complete control format.   You can sort and search by date ranges in order to stay in full control.

Click on the button below and start your own journey to financial freedom and the lifestyle you desire.

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iPAS2 Steps

Ok – I’ve given you a detailed review about iPAS and the massive benefits to be had by using this professional and hugely powerful system – and, just in case you’re thinking it’s complicated, below is a quick recap.

Basically, all you have to do is ….

1.  Activate System – 2.  Set Up System – 3.  Fuel the system with Traffic

Let The iPAS2 Marketing System can do the rest

Because a system like iPAS2 just does not exist in the industry – it had to be created.  This system will leverage your time and money to ensure you’re not “preaching the dream but living a nightmare” as so many Network Marketers have found to their cost, with so many other systems

So, here’s how iPAS2 will help you create the income and lifestyle you deserve –

•    Purchase the $7 tripwire offer and then the $47 Core Video Series if you want to learn more

•    Watch the iPAS2 System videos and make a decision based on the information provided

•    Activate your iPAS2 System and go through the brief but thorough Orientation process

•    Decide how you are going to “fuel” your iPAS2 System – and put that in place

•    The iPAS2 System kicks in and gets to work selling products on your behalf

•    An “intelligent” Email series and a series of videos and webinars educates and encourages your prospects to become buyers via the $7 tripwire and $47 Core Video Series that you went through to begin with – and you will realise just how powerful and factual they are.

•    They then activate their iPAS2 System and go through Orientation and then start the ball rolling for themselves by driving traffic to one of the $7 tripwire offers.

It is a simple and straight forward system of events that works effortlessly to put your products in front of the right audience so that sales conversions are high.

What does this mean to you?  You earn anything from $3.50 to $3000 per sale … yes – I did say PER sale …. which is why six figure per month incomes are completely achieveable, and haver been acheived many times!

The Time is now – Click the “Get Started” button and begin building your dream lifestyle free where your time is truly your own, living the life you deserve

get-started -today

This business is already making 5 and 10 year plans and beyond, so it’s a good place to plan your future with, it’s here for the longhaul.

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