How To Stay Positive In The Face Of Negative Conditions

Let’s face it; positivity is not easy to keep up. Even if you appear to be hunky-dory, there are moments when you just want to shut yourself in your room and read through hundreds of self-help publications. Entire undesirable events that are outside your control happen and it is standard for you to feel anything but positive.

Although it is true when specialists say that you need to have your own personal initiative to cope up with emotional problems, most of us recognize that it is always easier said than done. Despite prevailing circumstances, there are however ways that you can discover on how to be positive and keep proceeding.

The Facial Expression Method

Face smileDid you know that smiling can actually boost your mood up even while you are feeling wretched and lonely? This is the easiest trick on how to be positive. There is a saying ‘a smile is a curve that set everything straight’ that condenses all the facts about smiling. It relieves stress and anxiety as it releases happy hormones called endorphins; it builds up your immune system and keeps your youthful glow.

As you smile, your face muscles are uplifted so you appear to be younger than before. How to start off? Put a note in your mirror prompting you to smile every waking day. So whenever you wake up, even at the wrong side of the bed, smile regardless, this way the happy hormones are generated keeping you positive all during the day.

The Brain Train Technique

Before you look over any self-help books or eat as many sweets as you want, always bear in mind to consider yourself first. Be your own ally and love yourself more at least in this time of emotional stress. In fact, most experts say that you need to love yourself by practicing ‘self-compassion.’ When you are culpable of something, or made a huge misjudgment, train your brain to execute ‘self-compassion’ before it gets to your heart.brain training

To do this, simply look around and appreciate all the things you see. Yes, despite the fact that you dislike your boss, there is at all times something nice to say. How to be positive? Train your brain not your emotions.


Recreating Life System

One of the ways on how to be positive is by recreating your life. Effectively, being in negative circumstances create the chances for you to start off new. So get out of being unhappy and alone, get out your planner and plan something you want to achieve. You can even ask a good friend to do it with you.

First, write down the most important thing in your life. It may be your career, family or love life – just about anything that you feel is vital in your life. Afterwards, create a sub header on each concept. For example, if you have written family as one of the important things in your life. Find an event where you can enjoy their company and be filled with positivity. It does not have to be expensive. Sometimes, doing little things like cooking for someone rewards you with a lot more than just positivity.

All of these are the solutions you can use in order to stay positive irrespective of your current conditions. In a nutshell, all you need is to battle it with your head and eventually, your emotions will follow. To put it simply, it is about mind over matter. Having the right frame of mind towards a particular circumstance can make all the difference.


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