How To Generate Consistent Daily Free Leads For Your Business

An effective traffic generation strategy using article marketing will lead to consistent daily free leads arriving for your business. And when you utilize an article marketing strategy for these daily free leads then sales are almost definitely to naturally follow.

In this short article I will go over a simple yet effective strategy for generating traffic through article marketing

1. Keyword Research – keyword-research- daily free leads Do a bit of basic keyword research to make a decision which phrases to target within your blog post. A nice way to get keyword ideas is to type in a commonly used phrase into Google that matches your niche and then to see what additional recommended phrases Google offers.

Continue to use the Google Keyword Research Tool to try and find the phrases that have highest search volumes recorded for them, while still having a low competiton rating.

2. Write A Short article – The good news is that your articles do not need to take long to write at all. You are not creating a masterpiece here, just resolving some simple questions that your viewers are likely to have.

For this strategy to generate daily free leads, write quick 400 to 500 word articles that include your chosen key words in your article headline, first paragraph, last paragraph and also effortlessly integrated a few more times into the body of the article.

3. Publish The Article To Your website or blog –  Important – The first place that you should publish your article content is your own hosted website. This is to ensure that you get credit from Google and other search engines, for the first publication rights of that piece of content so that they will be more likely to rank the version of the article published on your own site rather than a syndicated version of your article on a 3rd party blog or article directory.article writing daily free leads

4. Distribute Your Content – As part of this article marketing method you should be syndicating each post to many different web platforms,  for additional traffic from a variety of different readership bases.

Immediately after you have published the article to your own site, take that same piece of content and post to a number of article web directories. Also look for document exchanging sites such as Slideshare to republish the content to, and plan to republish your article as a PDF for easy sharing and syndication

Through this strategy you will not just get quality traffic from the articles posted on your own blog, but equally a nice flow of daily free leads from the various other distributed versions of the same content.

If you are trying build a business online, want to see this strategy in action and learn many more effective traffic generation techniques you can try it out for yourself absolutely risk-free – this is for Serious Business Builders ONLY

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2 comments on “How To Generate Consistent Daily Free Leads For Your Business
  1. Sonia Harris says:

    Thanks. I’ve definitely been using Keyword Planner a lot more lately. It is so important to share your content on different platforms. This strategy alone has increased traffic to my own blog.

  2. NIDA says:

    hmm goood suggestions..

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