How To Create An Automated Money-Making System

The power of an effective automated money-making system is that it enables the average online entrepreneur with limited or no online experience to leverage the power of systems and automation in building a pipeline of residual income.
In this article we will consider the main features of a good money-making system and how they work in the current online marketing world:
sales funnelSales Funnel – One of the most important parts of your automated online money-making system is the sales funnel. When your customers have purchased your initial front end product – and found it to be of value – then they will be sent through an upsell sequence that gives them more products that they can buy. Your money making system should ideally have high-ticket products that your customers can upgrade to, leading to higher commissions per sale.
If your front end product is not of value, your customer is unlikely to buy from you a second time. Your focus should be on building trust as a provider of value.
Lead Capture System – The entry point into your online money-making system should be a lead capture page. As an internet marketer your entire focus should be on driving traffic to this page to generate leads and build your email list. After entering their email address or other details into the lead capture page for then leads should be diverted to your sales video presentation.
As long as you are delivering the traffic, then the system should do its work in the background and convert your traffic into leads and your leads into customers.
sales video 50's radioSales Video – The job of the video presentation is to present your product and close sales on your behalf without you needing to present the opportunity over and over again in person. In the event of anyone still having questions after watching the video, they can contact you at this point. Depending on your presentation, there should be no need to ask further questions.
Email Campaign – As in all businesses online of offline, some people will join your business on the spot after watching the video presentation, and some won’t. The job of the email campaign therefore is to provide additional encouragements or information to your prospect, who may just be sitting on the fence over making a decision.
As part of your money-making sytem the email campaign should provide a simple automated email that will go out to your leads every day to encourage them to go back and check out your product or service once again. Research reveals that the average customer has to see your offer seven times before commiting to buy.


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