Get Your “Why” Clear And Your “How” Will Follow

Your “why” is the reason behind any modification we are looking to make in our lives. The “why” can be about evading pain or seeking perceived pleasure. The “how” is the mechanical process, it should only be considered once you have the “why”. Many people leap right into the “how” because they feel it is the fuel necessary to get from A to B and what they need to reach their goals, unwittingly, missing the crucial necessity of having a powerful “why” in place first.Focus on your Why
The “how” will be different to each individual. Your “how” has to work within your lifestyle. People have different businesses, and personalities,¬†marriages, children, just to name a few of the factors that all go into defining your “how.” All these things can considerably change how someone goes through with the process of implementing change.

Change only has a chance to truly occur when there is a powerful enough “why” to make you go though a procedure of discovery to determine a mechanical change strategy. One that is unique to you, that can last and be successful..

Bear in mind, that change is hard. It’s one of the most difficult things in the human condition. It’s hard to create change and even harder to stick with it. Change often occurs when the pain of our current situation overrides the anxiety of making that change. An instance would be a husband who begins to accept the essential need of marriage counseling after realizing he may lose his wife and family if he does not go. The fear of dents to his self-pride or possible peer judgment of counseling is overridden by perceived or real pain of losing his loved one and the people that mean the most. This is one way change takes place and it can be a powerful “why” that makes the “how” happen.

Another motivator of change that is less uncomfortable and more progressive is the aspiration of “greatness.” Like the “how” and “why,” “greatness” is self-defined and unique to each individual. The motivation of “greatness” often ends up being so powerful that people are prepared to do what ever it takes to get there. Caution needs to be exercise here not to become lost in ego-centricity

This is where positive motivation can take hold and make all things achievable. Successful change happens when a powerful “why” makes us start off and stay the course. The trick is to capture that strong “why” and capture it, to be opened in times of weakness or when you wander off from your desired path.

winning with why.jpgSurround yourself with compelling “whys” and you will observe change taking place more easily. Don’t get caught up in the “how,” it will make itself evident as you go through your own unique journey. Keep your powerful motivator close at hand for times of weakness. Last but not least, know that God really wants you to prosper and grow. Ask for his clear thinking and strength while you stretch and feel the pain of growth and positive change.



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