Friend Requests That Are Killing Your Business

When contacting people to connect with on Facebook, always include a friend request, whether on the first contact or second message. Comment on something you liked on their profile, something that they shared or a comment they posted in a group, make reference to some actual reason why you are contacting them – Never ask THEM to send you a friend request.
Why? Well why should they? It is you that wants the connection – it should be you that offers the request. Sending ANY kind of message where you are asking a person you have had no previous connection with to do you a favour devalues your message.

It’s possible you may not have seen it from this viewpoint,  but if you are looking to build “value” relationships on facebook and other social media, then you need to demonstrate your willingness to invest in that new contact.

The Social Media course I mentioned in the video is “Jessica Higdon’s 10k Social Media Recruiting Formula”

If you are really serious about building a business, not a hobby or a flash-in-the pan, “here today gone tomorrow” biz-op, but a solid business to be proud of, based on ethical principles of helping others rather than trampling on them, then you owe it to yourself to join The Prosperity Team using the iPAS system.

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