Free Marketing Versus Paid – Which Is Best?

A question that I get quite asked quite a lot, both by people in my team and by people that are just generally enquiring, for example in forums and places like that is, which do you think is best – relying on free marketing or is it worth investing in paid marketing?
This is one of those questions that just doesn’t have a straightforward answer to it, because it largely depends on the context for example if you’re a beginner marketer I would suggest free marketing strategies for many reasons, one of them being that people generally don’t have a large budget when starting out.
If you do have a budget then investing in paid strategies will certainly get you ahead faster but there are provisos to that. For example if you’re driving traffic to an offer that pays less than $500 in commission, I would advise to go either completely free marketing or mixing up a little played with the majority of free marketing.
The main reason being that what you’ll spend on the paid marketing strategies will probably only just cover, or not even cover what you are receiving in terms of profit from the offer that you’re promoting!

But if you have a product or offer that pays you more than $500 per sale in commission, then you can effectively really build your business by scaling up on what works. Better still if you have an offer that pays you 100% commission – then you can really begin to go places with your business and you would be wasting your time, comparatively, using free marketing methods to drive traffic.

I can certainly tell you what works for me. My primary business pays 100% commission, literally meaning that if I sell a product for $500 dollars – I receive $500 in commission, if I sell a $1000 product I get paid the full $1000 dollar commision and so on. This enables me to have a substanccial marketing budget to scale my business.

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