Free Blog v Paid Blog Which Is Best?


Why pay for something when you can get it for free right?

Well, just as with most things offered for “free” you nearly always end up paying for it somewhere down the line, and that certainly is the case with the free-hosted wordpress .com. Here are the main differences between WordPress’s Free Blog and the self hosted blog from

1 Content: Using a free site you have no control over your content. This is generally fine if all you are using it for is as a hobby or for fun, but if you are using it as a business blog, you really need to have control over your your content. WordPress can shut your blog down at a moments notice, even without explanation if they feel like it.

“Automattic may terminate your access to all or any part of the Website at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, effective immediately.” If you host your blog yourself using the WordPress software, from, then you have complete control over your work.. (Automattic is the company name of

2 Hosting Blogs on are hosted for free, which is one of it’s main attractions. But “free” is  free only because it’s paid for by ads which you have to accept on your blog. Which can be very distracting from your main content to your visitors. You can have a blog with no ads on the “free” hosted wordpress, but that’s a little extra cost of $30 a year

3 Blog Address/ Domain Names If you use you have to put up with a web address that has to include…name – example could be or Which doesn’t present the most professional of appearances. However, using enables use to buy a domain name of your choosing with your hosting package, both of which can be bought through hosting providers such as Go-Daddy, Host Gator etc.

You can also use a domain name on your “free” WordPress site, but there is annual charge to enable this, so once again your free blog is no longer free

4 Storage With your free blog you get storage at no cost up to 3GB, which is fine is most of your blog is text-based, but if you are planning on having many images or videos, this space may get used up quite quickly. After your 3GB, there is an annual charge, $20 per year up until 10 GB, then $50 per year between 10 and 25 GB. If you have your own hosting, you can ceratinly find lower storage allowances as part of your hosting package.


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