Four Ways To Find New Blog Topics Using Social Media

1 Answer Frequently Asked Questions.
answer questionsOne of the most effective ways to find new blog topics using social media, is to find out what questions people are asking. This can be particularly effective in forums, search for questions in your area of expertise and answer them in a blog post– or better yet, answer them in a series of blog posts!  If you participate in a forum in your niche you will find, by reading the questions being asked, the main issues facing your target customer. You can then go ahead and provide a solution to those problems.
As you do this repeatedly, not only will you have a consistent supply of blog topics and posts, but you’ll have the added benefit of becoming a trusted resource.

2 Write and Post Lists
Create a blog post with an original Top 5 or 10 list. Include an image that is shareable, of course, so that it draws people back to your site. Share your new post on all of your social channels, but only include a few items from your list. Encourage readers to visit your blog to read the rest.
People love lists. They are easy to collate, skim or read in depth , and will usually introduce more than one fresh idea or concept to the reader. People love lists, they can skim and absorb information quickly.
Lists can offer so many types of information, for example ‘Top 5 ways to get ranked on Google’, or ‘3 Simple Steps to Writing an Effective Press Release’  ‘ 7 Most Effective Exercises For Losing Weight’ . or even ‘Four Ways To Find New Blog Topics Using Social Media’!

3 Engage In Social Discussions.
sharingKill Two birds with One Stone Bring your readers into the discussion by Combining your blogging and social media efforts. Tweet out a link to new (and old!) blog posts after you’ve posted them and ask for your audience’s point of view on the topic. Or post it to a LinkedIn group and ask the members for their thoughts. You can use them to play off of each other., with a simple, inclusive “Hey What do you think? leave me your comments”.
After you publish blog content, promote it on each of your social media channels. This is your opportunity to then engage with your audience, asking for additional opinions or fresh suggestions and comments.
The extended conversations can then lead to new ideas for future blog posts with a readily engaged audience. This is particularly useful for those not yet subscribed to your blog.

4 Follow Hashtags
Hashtags can help you zoom in on topics in your niche or area of interest
There are thousands, if not millions, of conversations going on constantly on social media. Each exchange has the potential to give you an idea for a new blog post and provides a ready-made useful resource for opinions. People are talking about what they did that day, current events, their jobs, etc. Inside all of these conversations are blog post ideas, right at your fingertips.
On twitter trending topics are denoted with a hashtag. Choose a hashtag topic related to your niche.

When you are in need of suggestions for your next blog, consider how you can use social media to energise your blog and vice versa.

Now it’s down to you – What do you think?  What do you use to come with useful blog topics? Please leave your questions and comments in the box below.

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