Follow My Leader?

Whatever business you are in,whether you have jumped into Bit-Coin or some other Opportunity

Always be Lifting up and Encouraging people. It Lasts a lifetime. Both for you and them.


There are, and always will be, so many Leaders and Gurus ready to promise you the world, and

ready to sacrifice anyone who gets in the way. Selfishness breeds selfishness. If you follow these leaders don’t be surprised when you are the next target.


Making money online does not have to involve walking over people.

Breaking people only satisfies for a second, if at all.  Put your ego to one side, do your research and due diligence before promoting something new, WHOEVER is promoting it.

After your reputation is spolied it’s hard to comeback from that.


Don’t spend your life trying to come back from that for the sake of your EGO. It really is NOT worth it

Instead of Satisfying your own ego for a moment , build up someone else’s for a lifetime.



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