Do You Encourage The Positive Or The Negative?

One of the things that many people don’t pay too much attention to,  but can be having quite a detrimental effect on their business and their life, is the language they use to describe things, and their reaction to disappointments, events or circumstances that happen in the course of everyday life.

How you frame your reaction to something or how you express it to yourself can have both positive or negative effect on you depending on how you express it to yourself and to others.

For example supposing that you’ve been trying a particular marketing strategy and it hasn’t giving you the results that you wanted, or didn’t work out how you would like, do you say to yourself “oh, well well that’s a lesson learned” and move on to the next thing that you’re experimenting with or do you dwell on it thinking about how much time and money that you might have invested in it, and which you now consider a waste

Which of those two frames of thought do you think is going to provide you with the energy and the drive to continue forward? unless, of course, you want to give up right now, which should never be your answer to anything, unless you really don’t want to acheive any goal you have set for yourself.

There is always a positive side to look on even the darkest and most negative situations you just have to look for it, and by making a habit of doing this it will just become second nature after a while and both your life and your business will be so much better for it.

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