Distinguishing Your ‘Why’ From Your ‘How’

The “how” is the mechanical process, or the actions we make to create the “why”. Once you have your the reason “Why” you want to reach some goal or effectuate change in your life , the “How To” will make itself known along the way.

Many people leap right into the “how” because they know it is what they need to reach their goals. However, many miss the crucial necessity of having a potent “why” in place first..
the “how” will be different to each individual. Your “how” has to work within your style of living. People have different personalities, businesses, marriages, children, etc just to name a few of the factors that all go into defining your “how.” All these things can drastically change how someone goes through with the procedure of carrying out change..

Change only has an opportunity to truly occur when there is a powerful enough “why” to determine a actual mechanical change strategy. One that is unique to you, that can be successful and importantly that can last.

Not to downplay the difficulty of change. Change is hard. It’s one of the most challenging things in the human condition, and even harder to stick with it once the change has been made. Change often occurs when the pain of our current situation overrides the fear of making that change. For an illustrative example, a husband who begins to realise the need of marriage counseling after seeing he may lose his wife and family if he does have it. The fear of damage to his self-pride or possible peer judgment of counseling is overridden by the perceived, or real, pain of losing the person that means the most to him. This is one way change occurs and it can be the powerful “why” that makes the “how” happen..

Another motivator of change, that is less unpleasant and more progressive, is the dream of “Greatness.” Similar to the ‘how’ and ‘why’ “greatness” is self-defined and unique to each individual. The motivation of achievement, often ends up being so powerful that people are willing to do what ever it takes to get there. This is where positive motivation can get a grip and make all things achievable. Successful change happens when a potent “why” makes us not just start off, but to persevere. The trick is to capture that powerful “why” and make it ‘portable’ – in other words, it can be used as an effective motivator for all scenarios, be they getting started, moments of self-doubt or when you just don’t feel like doing anything.

Write down your list and surround yourself with effective “whys” and you will see find them affest change in short order. Release yourself from the grip of the “how,” – it will make itself evident as set out on your path. But you have to Start!

Worry about the enormity of a task and it’s associated “but how’s ..” is what slows and frequently stops many an individual. Keep powerful inspirational audios and text close at hand not just for when you are down, but also when you are on top of things. Zig Ziglar confirmed that nearly all of the successful people he knew, millionaires included, listened to inspirational audios every day. Lastly, know that God wants you to thrive and grow. Ask for His wisdom, knowledge and strength while you stretch for positive change.

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