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Follow My Leader?

Whatever business you are in,whether you have jumped into Bit-Coin or some other Opportunity Always be Lifting up and Encouraging people. It Lasts a lifetime. Both for you and them.   There are, and always will be, so many Leaders

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What Is The QQS Formula?

So what does Q.Q.S. stand for and who pioneered it? The QQS Formula was pioneered by author Napoleon Hill, and explained in his book “Think and Grow Rich”. It is one of many great formulas for success passed down to

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Positive Framing Is Good For Your Health

Bearing in mind that what you focus on most becomes your reality, what kind of a result do you expect when you repeat things to yourself that you don’t want to happen? When you say things like “I hope this

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Distinguishing Your ‘Why’ From Your ‘How’

The “how” is the mechanical process, or the actions we make to create the “why”. Once you have your the reason “Why” you want to reach some goal or effectuate change in your life , the “How To” will make

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Four Top Tips To Get More Stuff Done

What would you say is the number one factor individuals provide for NOT doing something? “I do not have enough time”! You have made the plans to begin a purposeful task, but never find the moment to actually get it

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Attitude Creates Winners…and creates losers!

  Once you grasp the truth of the statement  “Our attitude towards Life – determines Life’s Attitude towards Us” you will understand the answer as to why a section of people do so well in life, while others barely get

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Beware Of Straw Men!     To your great success, Declan Ryan, Prosperity Coach       Connect with me: Facebook: dex75 Skype: decjryan Twitter: dex75

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Do You Encourage The Positive Or The Negative?

One of the things that many people don’t pay too much attention to,  but can be having quite a detrimental effect on their business and their life, is the language they use to describe things, and their reaction to disappointments,

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Two Things Successful People Do Not Do

This is a tip that I picked up from well respected marketer Ray Higdon. Ray recently gave a Mastermind, and he made some of his notes available from that mastermind. One of the things that he pointed out that he

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Top Three Tips To Succeed Online

  Attracting Prospects To Your Business There are two different routes to attracting customers to your website or online offering. The first using paid strategies, and the second using free methods. Both can be used just as effectively, however, one

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