Attitude Creates Winners…and creates losers!


Once you grasp the truth of the statement  “Our attitude towards Life – determines Life’s Attitude towards Us” you will understand the answer as to why a section of people do so well in life, while others barely get by.
Your Attitude Is Everything, and it will just as readily create a life of resentful, defensive, nothingness, as  the most positive, effective, successful of lives.

If it were possible to sum up the key to success in one single word it would be ‘Attitude’

Your attitude really IS everything. And it is so completely within our control. It just takes a DECISION that you will no longer tolerate second best mediocrity or negativity of any sort whatsover.

The well known broadcaster Earl Nightingale, set a 30 Day Challenge. He maintained that if you will push all negativity, complaining, moaning, blaming, however justified you may feel, to one side for a period of just 30 days, you will be so happy with the change in your life, you will never go back to your old habits.

A good mental attitude also allows you to see opportunities where previously they were hidden, and allows your mind to be free to set about accomplishing any goal you set for yourself.

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