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Four Low Start-Up Online Business Ideas

Are you interested in starting your own business, but you have a very small budget to begin with? The idea of launching a business has long been deemed a very expensive venture and is only a common practice among a

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How To Stay Positive In The Face Of Negative Conditions

Let’s face it; positivity is not easy to keep up. Even if you appear to be hunky-dory, there are moments when you just want to shut yourself in your room and read through hundreds of self-help publications. Entire undesirable events

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Four Top Tips To Get More Stuff Done

What would you say is the number one factor individuals provide for NOT doing something? “I do not have enough time”! You have made the plans to begin a purposeful task, but never find the moment to actually get it

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Seattle Celebrates Indigenous People’s Day In Place Of Columbus Day

I am so happy that Seattle City Council has passed legislation replacing Columbus Day with a day which honors the contributions and culture of Native Americans.  Joining with Minneapolis, the second Monday in October will be designated “Indigenous People’s Day”

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The Top Three “Other” Social Media Platforms You Should Be Using

Aside from the main players Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In, there many other social media platforms, but which ones are worth your time and energy to incorporate as part of your overall social media marketing strategy? Instagram  The concept is simple,

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Developing An Attitude Of Gratitude

It’s no surprise that in certain situations gratitude is not the first thing that springs into your mind. It is so easy to think negatively when you’re having a bad day or things aren’t going as you’d like them to,

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The Transforming Power Of Belief

You are where you are and continue to stay where you are based on your belief system. The power of belief is the one thing that can propel man to his highest achievements.  John Stuart Mill wrote “One person with

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Using Social Media To Grow Your Business.

Many people are extremely familiar with social networking sites. However, a great deal of companies have actually not yet begun to benefit from this powerful medium which can help to syndicate and promote their business. Below are several tips on

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Richard Branson’s Three Tips For The Best Use Of Social Media

Beyond doubt, Social media has transformed people’s day-to-day lives and the way businesses operate.A blog post or even a tweet can kick-start a discussion and make an impact in real time in peoples lives. Richard Branson, an entrepreneur since the

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