100,000 Visitors – Free Traffic Training 2

In the second video of 4 free training videos, Traffic Master Vick Strizhuis, sets out to do something no one in this industry has attempted before

He will create a a campaign completely from scratch, and between now and the launch day of Internet Traffic Formula, who will have 100,000 certified unique leads to his offer.

Why has no-one else done this?

Most probably because they have something they are not sharing with you, they don’t want to give you the full, complete picture, so they can sell you more peices to the puzzle later.

Not the case with Vick, you will see a blow-by-blow documentation of all the steps he takes to generate this kind of traffic, as if you were looking over his shoulder.

No fancy editing, and all for free. Just click the link below to see video 2  – you can also see video 1 if you haven’t seen it yet


To your prosperity!

Declan Ryan
Prosperity Coach
Facebook: dex75
Skype: decjryan
Twitter: dex75


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